Monday, August 25, 2014

My dear blogger followers, I want to express my warmest ALOHA (love) to you all and Mahalo (thank you) for your love and support for this blog.  My goal will be put on HOLD as I'm moving to Colorado to be with my husband.  I promise to continue this lofty enterprise sometime in the future.

The two photographs above is where I wanted to videotape dancing hula, located in Wahiawa Botanical Gardens.  The lushness and beauty inspired me to do this.  Unfortunately, another plan will have to be accomplished at a future date.

Here is the entrance to Wahiawa Botanical Gardens.  This was my starting point for today.

For my last walk, I decided to take a walk down memory lane and trod one of the areas that I lived previously.  Wahiawa Heights starts and ends on California Ave.  Taking 5.85 miles to complete with 3 miles being uphill!  Not only was the hike challenging, it also decided to bless me with ample rain!  HaHa!

Here is California Ave., in all it's soaked grandeur!

 Seen at Leilehua High School, I loved this mural for it's bold colors and I am especially fond of mermaids, especially Hawaiian ones!  HaHa!  Do you see the couple looking into each other's eyes?

Coming across this ingenious way to use a fallen tree, I loved their recycling creativity!  It became a wall with bromeliads growing all across the top!

The superimposed flowers and leaves using different hues of green tickled my fancy on this mailbox.

Finally, reaching the end of California Ave., it was time to descend from the heights!  The two water towers mark the top of the road.

Hmmmm...sock on a fire hydrant.  Why????

A beautiful road called, Royal Palm Dr.  Huge homes and properties come with panoramic views of the Waianae range.

Waving in the gentle breeze, this hibiscus sparkled as the rain drops reflected light catching my attention.  Knowing that beauty is everywhere and not only in Hawaii, I will continue to search out these things no matter where I am.  Please check out my other blog, click this link, thewalkinghawaiian2 , as I will be posting sights and scenes in Colorado and beyond.  Until next time, ALOHA (goodbye) and A HUI HOU! (Until we meet again!)

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  1. Aloha Walking Hawaiian!
    I hope you're now the Walking Hawaiian/Coloradan! Congratulations on your successful move. I took so long to comment on this post because it is a little bit tender. This is what you were working on the last few hours I spent with you. I still am wearing your lauhala bracelet you taught me how to make. It brings me comfort remembering your swift, nimble hands pulling and weaving the strands. I do hope you continue to work on this site, using it for whatever you want and not having to be defined as one thing. I miss you oodles, and I love you so much. Thank you again for sharing your experiences in this blog.