Thursday, August 27, 2015

Can you find the Rooster?  It's almost camouflaged by the bromilaids!  Aloha (hello), my blogger followers!  Spending a short time in Hawaii, I was able to do more walking!  Surrounded by 3 weather systems, the Hawaiian Islands has been affected by unusual patterns.  Sweltering humidity and drenching downpours have closed beaches and pool due to active lightning strikes.  How did this affect me and the "Walking Hawaiian?"  With 100% humidity and the long absence of walking here, I knew that this would be a challenge.  But, it felt good to be back to what I love and to the aina (land) I love!  Seeing surprising scenes again refreshed my memory of loving this challenge!  Did you find the rooster?

Continuing in the Kaimuki area, I managed to squeeze in 3.40 miles today.  Don't forget that the yellow highlight is the route for the day and the orange has already been completed.  Though it looks totally random, it was planned for a easier completion at a later date.  

Being a residential section, I was perplexed with these abandoned homes in a popular and expensive neighborhood.  I believe that this may be the last vestiges of Fort Ruger housing.   I hope that sometime in the near future, this will be renovated, or destroyed to be used to house the evergrowing population of Hawaii.

Ouch, ouch, OUCHEE!  Why do you think that they placed pointed lava rocks on the top of the surface of this lava wall?  So people won't sit or walk on it?  For uncomfortable bird perching?  I just don't know!

Hawaii is VERY big on INCOME RENTALS, in which they use part of their property to build a rental unit or sub-divide their home to house renters.  This particular resident transformed their unattached garage into a rental property.  Easy to do when winter insulation is not neccessary!

Free medical care can be had over here.  Also, vaccinations!

Are you being harassed by your wife saying, "Get rid of this junk!"?  Well, this is one way to do it!  I'm sure that his wife was not pleased, but, he could say that it was an ARTISTIC moment!  HaHa!  * TEST*  How many items can you find in the fence?

But, I need directions!  Only in Hawaii, do you use a surfboard to help you find an address!  Why did this tickle me so?  Well, it reminded me of my hand-me-down surfboard as a teenager, which was soooo waterlogged, it was more IN the water than ON the water!  It brought back a lot of memories.

They must have very high energy bills that necessitated the profusion of solar panels on the house and the garage.  Not very aesthetically pleasing!

Now this was very pleasing!  Lining their sidewalk with Canna lilies, I loved the show of colors and blossoms!

I see a theme here!  Flight?  The rooster and the airplane side-by-side was darling and a first in my book.  Normally, decorated mailboxes are few and far in between!

For the time being, until I MOVE back to Hawaii, my posts on this blog will be few and far in  between.  But, I promise to try to get a few in there from time to time.  I hope that you will find happiness and joy in life as a daily occurrence!  A Hui Hou! (Until we meet again!)  

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