Friday, August 16, 2013

So what are these "orange" things next to the crosswalk?  Well, they are flags to wave high above your head so that you are visible and won't get run over by speeding cars.  You grab a flag, cross the street, then put the flag in the container on the other side after crossing.  What a great idea, and you bet I used it!

Ka'ahele street is steep and curvy!  Blind spots litter this street and due to it's length, people speed up and down it.  By the way, yes, I walked up it!  Too bad I couldn't run so that I could catch my breath!  HaHa!

Nice picture of the spiral, yes?  Sorry!  Trying to save space for pictures, so I can't help it if the spiral gets in the way!  I know that it doesn't look like much, but as you can see in the previous pictures, 2.41 miles became a daunting task!

This neighborhood consisted of Duplexes, terraced on the ridgeline.  I noticed that many owners utilized every inch of their property.  The combinations were impressive to behold!

Strange things crossed my path too!  Why is that light sconce encased in plexiglass?   What is that strange antenna?  And why is there two side extensions sticking out from the wood post?  I would be interested in knowing what you think!

Then, I come across panoramic views of lush valleys!  It just makes my day!

Turtles festooned this tiny front yard, obviously the residents favorite animal.  I was reminded of my "walking Hawaiian" goal.  Slow, but steady, really seeing the land and meeting the people of this beautiful aina!(land!)  Think like a turtle today!  Take it all in!  Aloha! (Bye!)


  1. Great photos! I never noticed the orange flags by crosswalks while I lived in Hawaii. I guess I didn't walk enough. Haha! I also love the view of the valley you got. Beautiful!

  2. Encased light source to keep birds from building nest and pooping if sitting upon it. Looks like an old microwave receiver. Two extensions were probably for hanging potted plants.