Monday, January 27, 2014

Definitely a disturbing sight, I'm not sure what this resident intended, but, I'm sure that it's a "pot-head!"

Continuing to explore the Kalihi area, densely packed neighborhoods and housing make for complex routing as I referred to my written route many times today.  I know that it doesn't look like much, but, today took 4.74 miles to complete.  The plethora of dead ends doubled my distance as well as suspicious looks with loose dogs nipping at my heels.  I was fortunate to escape a downpour of rain as angry clouds looked ready to loose torrents on me.  Noticing the large lot sizes, older neighborhoods are lucky that way!

Hmmm...Does the residents have lots of clothes to hang?  Or,are these supporting the cacti? All I know, is that I wouldn't be planting cacti near where I'm hanging my clothes!  Too dangerous for me and the clothes!

Wow!  This guy must have an interesting house since you can sit on the chairs and STARE at it!  HaHa!  Really folks, I just take the pictures of what I see!  Do I understand it?  Not in this case!

Striding down most of Kam IV road (short for Kamehameha,) I thought that a little history lesson about who Kamehameha IV was is in order.

Named "Alexander 'Iolani Liholiho," he became the forth King of Hawaii at the tender age of 20!  Married to Queen Emma, he ruled from 1855-1863.  The King and Queen devoted much of their reign to getting better health care and education for their subjects.  Denied a request for building a public Hospital and home for the elderly by the legislature, they solicited local businessmen, merchants and wealthy residents and succeeded in fundraising to build The Queen's Medical Center, which still stands today.  They also were responsible in the development of a leprosy treatment facility on Maui.

He also decreed Christmas Day, (Dec. 25) a National Holiday in 1856, much to the dismay of the conservative American missionaries who believed it to be a PAGAN Holiday.

Too soon, he died of chronic asthma in 1863 at the young age of 29.

I know that this looks like a street, but, it's just an extremely long driveway!  This driveway is the longest I've seen so far!  I told you that the properties were large!

On my previous blog, I posted a picture of a beautiful Bird of Paradise gate.  Though not as lavish as the other gate, I see similarities in the design!  Do you think that it may be the same artist or company?

Passing the Fern Playground, I scoped this awesome jungle gym!  The child in me wanted so badly to climb it, the adult in me said, "Are you crazy?"  I wish they had equipment like this when I was a kid! 

Well, when I tell people on my walk what I plan to do, they think I'm crazy and always tell me, "Good Luck!"  So, I may be a little crazy, but, I'm also lucky since so many people are wishing it on me!  The two year mark is coming in April and I hope to complete a few more towns before then.  In addition, I hope to see and take a photo of a WALLABY!  Yup, I'll need to be pretty LUCKY!  I am Irish, you know!  HaHa!  Aloha!(Bye!)

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