Monday, January 13, 2014

Sometimes, my blogger friends, I don't have an explanation as to why I took the photo except that it pleases me!  Here is one example.  I loved the play of sunlight on the red Ti plant and the surrounding colors seemed to emphasize it's beauty.  Yes, Donna may have had TOO much sun at the time!  HaHa!

I wonder what occurrence happened here that not only did they put their address number on once, but TWICE, then THRICE!  A great story could be had here!

Having exposed you to many Japanese gardens, what set this apart? Do you see the Koi fish swimming out from under the bridge?(Double click if you need to see up close!)  Well, it's made out of glass or plexiglass and sits on top of the smooth stones making you imagine clear water covering them.  I'm impressed with the vision the owner had for this effect.

Hip-Hip-Hooray!  I bid a fond farewell to Aiea!  Today completed the last of the area, taking 4.35 miles, lots of heavy breathing and a cacophony of barking dogs!  Using Radar Hill Road as my "challenging hill" nemesis, today was like "2" Radar Hill Roads!  My decision to finish Aiea was ample motivation!

Using this artistic mailbox as a vantage point, Kiawe St. is an example of the roads that were on my route today.

Obviously a San Francisco 49'er aficionado, this resident made their mailbox look like a football helmet. They stand a good chance to make it to the Superbowl this year!  Anyone making bets?

I'm standing at the highest point of my walk today on Nahele St.  Knowing that everything is downhill from here, seeing the panoramic view and having a bathroom and water fountain nearby makes my spirits soar!  I hope that good things are presented before you today, to take advantage of and make you happy!  Keep smiling!  Aloha no! (Lots of love!)

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  1. 1742 must have had a lot of missed directed or missed delivered mail. Or maybe the mail carrier is colored blind. Love the "waterless" Koi pond, great concept with the use of smooth colored rocks. Great art work on the mail box, I wonder if he/she has some artwork displayed on the Zoo fence on Sundays? It's nice to know that there were bathrooms and water fountain near by!