Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not even sure if this is a "named" road, I walked it anyway since it skirted the shoreline on the west side of the Pearl City Peninsula.  In the background, you can see parked ships.  These are ships no longer in service.  I'm not sure if they use it for parts or plan to recommission it someday in the future.

Today completed the last of the Pearl City Peninsula.  Concentrating on the west side and peering into the Pearl Harbor Middle Loch, 3.33 miles took me to sights never seen by me before! (Possibly you too!)

At the end of Lanakila Ave., I saw this plaque and found out a little more about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Midget Subs and the Middle Loch.  Please double click to enlarge the photo and read about it too!

Want to live just off the water in Hawaii and you aren't a millionaire or you're not homeless?  Join the military!  They sure seem to have the best spots taken!

Different views of Lehua Ave.  Leaving and going into the Peninsula.  With all the fences built, I guess there were quite a few accidents that required it's presence.

Call me nuts, but I loved this additional parking area.  The coconut and plumeria trees surrounded and shaded the parking spaces.  What a delightful view to come home to!  Somehow, old Hawaii came to mind when I saw this!

I believe that in the past, this was the original entrance to the Pearl City Peninsula.  The guard shack would have stood here instead of where it is now half a mile before this.  I bid a fond "aloha" to the Peninsula and enjoyed getting to know this place as "the walking Hawaiian!"  Get to know something you have always wanted to!  Do it today!  Why wait?  Kipa hou mai! (Come visit again!)

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