Thursday, May 29, 2014

Whoa!  I would not put my flat-screen behind a parked car!  Well, maybe the car has a favorite show that can't be missed!  Still, a very strange sight to behold!

Unwavering sunshine with nary a cloud in the sky accompanied me on my walk today in Kapolei.  I guess that I'm out of practice as my pace slowed considerably!  Even though, I was able to complete 4.99 miles by back-tracking every, single street!

To my car aficionados, I believe that this is a 1956 Oldsmobile.  I loved the gold roof and the decorative detailing on the trunk as well as the hood.  You could fit a whole lot of people and luggage in this car!

What garnered my appreciation for this yard is that it actually is TWO yards!  Two neighbors decided to combine their yards and make it look like an extension of their own yard.  Beautifully manicured and what a beautiful relationship between neighbors!

Maybe I was getting hungry at this point, but I was thinking of a molten, chocolate fountain to dip strawberries in, when I saw this artistically cut bush.

Hard to miss bold colors emblazoned the frog who seems to be having a conversation with a crocodile in this whimsical yard arrangement.

The lovely yellow plumeria and neon-orange hibiscus are hard to miss too!

Found in one cul-de-sac, I guess they are missing someone dear to them.  By the way, they all have lights outlining the ribbon.  It must look beautiful at night.  Nice to see that people are loved and supported through this visual display of affection.  Are you making sure to demonstrate your love and support to those around you?  If not, do it today!  Aloha no! (Lots of love!)

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