Friday, June 6, 2014

Called the "Screwpine" tree, the spiraling foliage seems to be evidence of it's moniker!  The Hawaiians call it the "Hala" tree and the "lau hala"(leaf of the hala) were weaved into baskets, canoe sails, sandals, mats, hats and much more.  Fossil evidence on Kaua'i is being examined and may prove that the hala tree is indigenous to Hawaii, but is still believed that the Islanders brought the plant with them since it's so invaluable!

Continuing to discover the town of Kapolei, 3.12 miles, I have carved today.  So far, I've been concentrating on the residential part.  Next time, I'll meander over to the commercial part of Kapolei so you can see what this town has to offer.  Finishing the month of May with 13.04 miles to add to the grand total of 680.74 miles since starting.

I think someone walked out on this pair of pants, and it feels very deflated!  Jokes aside, this sunning pair of jeans was laying there off the main street with no one in sight nearby.  What do you think happened?  By the way, it was in good condition!

And what is this?  Standing on each side of the road, it jutted out of the bushes!  I can only surmise that it is some sort of lighting?  What's your guess?

By looking at the map I posted, you'll see that most every road I traveled on became a dead-end.  Usually a high, thick, brick wall was my turn-around point.  This was my prettiest dead-end I came across today.  I wish that all of them looked like this!

I guess that the pants wasn't the only one sunning today!  This stuffed monkey found a sunny spot in the basketball hoop.  Yup, there's a lot of monkey business going on over here! HaHa!

Folks, this is the same car...front and back.  This car must be pretty clumsy!  I really liked the bandage on the backside...looking like a little "ow-wee!"

To tell you the truth, this tree is hard to identify, due to the extravagant pruning...nearly to a stump!  Nevertheless, with the attachment of succulents and orchids, it still is a thing of beauty, sprouting a kaleidiscope of colors.

Life can chip and prune away at you, but, the sum of your life experiences can make you who you are, and you are BEAUTIFUL!  Imua, (move forward) my friends!

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