Wednesday, March 19, 2014

***SPOILER ALERT!!*** The Answers to my previous blog are in this blog!  If you want to test yourself first, go to yesterdays blog.  Open this blog when you want the answers!

The question 1) What do all these names have in common?

All of them are "Ahupua'a divisions.  The word ahupua'a is a combination of the word, "ahu" means heap or altar and "pua'a" means pig.  Boundary markers were an a stone altar with a wooden carving of a pig's head upon it.  The land starts with the apex of the mountain, down through the valley and out to the ocean.

Question 2) What is this called, and what is it's use?

The best answer is in the next picture.  Please double click to enlarge and read!
Question 3) Find Waldo, the black bumble bee!

I have blown up the picture so that you can see more distinctly!  Waldo was at the top half, right edge of the bush.  By the way, I stuck my iPhone very close to take the picture and Waldo bee-lined straight for my face to aggressively let me know that he didn't like it.  Lucky for me, I didn't get stung!  The crazy things I do for this blog, yeah?

Question 4) What does Donna want to use this for?

Well, when I saw this, I thought, "What a giant golf ball!"  So I would like to use this as my golf ball when I putt!  My putting game is terrible and I think that I wouldn't miss with a golf ball this size, no?

So, how did you do? Maika'i(good) I hope! Did you have fun and learned a thing or two?    Aloha!(Bye!)

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