Sunday, March 16, 2014

Incredibly nosy, yeah?  HaHa!  You can view this "Nosy" aircraft, jutting out of a hanger as part of the Pacific Aviation Museum - Pearl Harbor.  Actually, you need to go to Ford Island in the middle of Pearl Harbor to see it!

Feeling so close to finishing Ford Island and extremely motivated since my 2 year anniversary of this blog will be here before you know it, again I'm trekking the Island!  Continuing on the east side, I completed the section only taking 3.19 additional miles

Whaaa?  There are no "flying" aircraft on the Island anymore.  I guess that this is the last vestige of earlier times.  Do you notice the wind sock?  When it's straight out like that, the wind is at least 20 knots!  Experiencing the wind myself, I would say that at this time it was about 35 knots.  My hair is evidence since it's a thick, matted mess right now!  HaHa!

Okay, maybe there is some FLYING going on here!  Checking out this "Bimmer," I would be flying around town in this!  I did chuckle when I read the license plate, which says, "Zeal!"  I will let you figure that one out for yourself!

Scanning the surrounding area for photo ops, I rarely look at my feet.  Walking along Lexington Blvd., I was just trying to stay off the road so that I wouldn't get run over, when I realized that I was actually walking on a sidewalk.  Not readily apparent, since it was almost the same color of the surrounding area, I thought that I made a wise choice as to where to walk!

Chided for being a CHICKEN and not ringing the bell on a previous blog, this time, I was determined to not waste this opportunity.  I grabbed the rope, and gave it one good swing!  OH MY GOD!  I'm sure that it could be heard for miles, as my HEAD was ringing!  Thank goodness today is Sunday and nobody is at work here!  I'm sure that people would be pressing their faces to the window trying to find out who did that! 

Well, somebody was working on a ship, because I had a LOUD ship horn replying to my ring.  Might I add, that I QUICKLY got the "H" out of there!

Not wanting to spend $15 (charge for Hawaii Resident and Military) to peruse the museum today, I could check out the STORE for free! (That's if you don't buy anything!)  I loved the child size flight suit!  Many historical books and videos caught my interest!  I plan to come back another day to soak up the history and information when not doing "The Walking Hawaiian!"

Entering through the front doors, the floor is a map of Ford Island.  I loved it!  What was even better and one of the reasons why I love being "The Walking Hawaiian," is that I came into contact with a childhood friend and neighbor.  Keith, lived across the street from my childhood home and we also attended the same church.  My family and his family really liked each other and we hung out together. 

 We moved in the 1970's and lost touch with the family.  Exchanging information and trying to catch up, sometimes I feel that this meeting is more than coincidence!  The day and the time had to be just perfect for us to meet again!  I hope that these special moments occur in your life too...feeling blessed and joyful!  E Malama Pono! (Take good care!)

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  1. Ah, I've never been to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. I would love to go with you inside sometime, my treat. The floor map of Ford Island taking a bird/plane's eye look is a nice touch, they be good pictures you're taking too.
    (Are we allowed to ring the bells?) :o
    What does the ZEAL! license plate mean? Is it the definition of zeal: ardent fervor and devotion? These days it's hard to take things as they first seem. For example, I saw a license plate recently that LV2HLA. First I'm thinking "Level two ... H-L-A." Hrm. Finally I see other clues like car decals of hula dancers and the license plate frame itself is hula dancers. So, I'll let you figure that one out. ;)
    I agree about finding those special moments of feeling joyful and blessed- I think they're there all the time if we just take a moment to look. I'm joyful seeing you do something you love. And I'm blessed that they are online for a long time so I can look at them way way later on and comment on them whenever. :P