Monday, July 16, 2012

Aloha,(Hello) my friends! It's nice to be back in Hawaii and see the rich colors in the sky and on the ground.  Everytime I see the plumerias, I feel like sewing a lei(garland) for no other reason but that they are so abundant now!  These photos are untouched, so the vivid colors are what I see!

After a two week hiatus, walking for 4.61 miles probably wasn't the best idea! HaHa!  I think that I'll pay for it later!  I thought that I should plug some puka's(holes) in my recent routes.  I almost finished the east housing area in Hickam AFB, but, started getting tired.  Oh well, theres always another day to do it.

This dog was checking me out and just staring at me!  Then I realized that this dog is fake!  A pretty realistic fake, don't you think?  It was the proper size and sitting on the lawn.  I guess they wanted to save money on dog food!  Hah!

"Mom! Can I have my wagon back now?  I want to play with it!"  That's what I imagine the child of this residence is upset about.

Chinese Imperial Guardian Lions guard this residence.  There must be someone with Chinese blood living here to put these traditional rock statues at the entrance to their home.  They always come in pairs, with a female and a male statue.  The male (facing us) is on the right, with the world under his left paw.  The female is on the left with her paw protecting a playful cub.  The tradition says that the male lion protects the structure or home and the female protects all who dwell inside.  If you go to Chinatown in Honolulu, you'll see these lions protecting the entrance way to Chinatown.  See if you can find the male and female and tell the difference.

Here is the winner for "Yard of the Month!"  Thank goodness it didn't include the roof!  The disparity takes away the beauty of the yard.  Until tomorrow, A Hui Hou!(Until we meet again!)


  1. Fascinating background info on the lions, how cool! And that yard of the month I'm not so sure though. Do they win anything?

    1. I hope that "Yard of the month" winners get something, but, I truly don't know.