Friday, July 27, 2012

The drive around this flagpole encircles the Atterbury Memorial Park.  Called the "Circle of Honor," its to honor all Airmen past and present.  The flagpole is the original 75 foot pole when the bombing of Pearl Harbor took place. One hundred eighty-nine deaths occurred at Hickam field. (What the base was called at the time.)

Still "plugging"away(punny, HaHa!) at Hickam AFB.  My journey consisted of 4.20 miles, with the week total of 19.66 miles and the grand total of 222.94 miles since starting.  Though still not finished with this base, I can see that it won't be too much longer since unmarked streets are becoming few.

I was wondering why the cars were slowing down around this area and realized the exercising women gathered under the shade of trees were capturing the men's attention.  Good thing there wasn't any accidents!  The women were blissfully unaware of the reaction they were causing.

Guess what this Avenue is called?  If you guessed, "Hanger Ave.," you are absolutely correct!  Most of my route saddled this road and taking pictures of "Hangers" would bore you to tears, so, this will be the only one!

Sometimes when I walk around, I suspect things.  Like this pathway, I suspect that this used to be a thru road.  Can you see it?  There is a street on one side and a street on the other side.  Does anybody know what this used to look like?  This is between the BX and the BXtra.

Peek-a-boo!  My husband knew I was walking nearby, so he opened his work window and said, "Hello!"  It was the best part of my walk!  Hope you have sweet surprises this weekend, until Monday, Aloha!(bye!)

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  1. Aww, I think this was my favorite Hickam posting of them all. The pictures are gorgeous as always but I appreciate the vibe, the lifestyle emphasis on biking, women exercising, tribute to our airmen and even seeing our No. 1 airman. I really enjoy getting the feeling I'm actually there. Thanks!