Monday, July 30, 2012

Does that look a tad close?  Well, it was practically over my head and the engines so loud it could have been glass shattering.  Believe me, it was a lot closer than the picture depicts! So, where am I?  Actually in a housing area called, "Fort Kamehameha," located on the far eastern end of Hickam Air Force Base.  And this baby wasn't the only one!

Another commercial airliner right above me!

Also a fighter jet, the A-10 Thunderbolt (Warthog).  How do I know?  My husband used to fly it, that's why!

I had planned to walk much further than the 3.46 miles, but, you can see that my route has an abundance of XXX's on it.  There are lots of construction projects related to the Hawaii Air National Guard.  I think that they'll be hiring!

These Officer homes were built in 1916 in the Craftsman style.  It was finally vacated in 2008, due to it's location near the runway of the Honolulu International Airport.  Almost 100 years old, the quality used to construct these edifices are evident by it's structural soundness.

This flagpole was the epicenter of Fort Kamehameha.  Housing on the west side, barracks and other facilities on the east.  Originally part of King Kamehameha I property, Queen Emma had a beachfront estate located on the west side.  The U.S. Federal Government acquired the land by condemnation from Emma's estate and was called, "Fort Upton."  The locals protested and Archibald Cleghorn (Princess Kaiulani's dad) renamed it "Fort Kamehameha."

These signs blockaded my journey today, but, I hope that the Hawaii Air National Guard will benefit with all the improvements.

The last remaining of the Batteries, Battery Hawthorne.  Another Battery, Battery Closson is where the Mamala Bay Golf Course is now located.  Coastal artillery proved inadequate after the December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack.  Air battle caused the demise of these weaponry.  Fort Kamehameha was traded for Wheeler Airfield and became part of Hickam Air Force Base property in 1991.

Built in 1940, this Chapel doesn't look used now, even though there is quite a few air-conditioning units protruding from the windows!  Anyway, I think that one more day of walking should complete the Hickam Base trek and then on to new areas.  I'm still very glad that I have come to know this base so well, and I feel very enlightened! Till tomorrow, aloha!(Bye!)

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