Thursday, July 26, 2012

I saw this near the AMC terminal on Hickam AFB.  You must be a member and its a car-sharing program.  If you need a car for only a few hours, WeCar could fit your bill.  They charge $10/hr, $65/daily and $40/overnight.  An interesting concept, I would love to do this if I were visiting Molokai or Maui for just a day.  Rental car agencies don't cut you any slack!

And what is an AMC terminal anyway?  Well, if you aren't military or retired military, you're out of luck.  A perk for military members if you aren't pressed for time when you travel, the cost is nominal and you can go practically anywhere in the world.  Forget the creature comforts, but, commercial airline travel is not that great either anymore!(Unless you are going first class!)

Yup, still circumnavigating Hickam AFB trying to get this area finished!  Even though I raced through 5.24 miles today, completion is taunting me!

The most perfect crown I've seen on a "Bird of Paradise!"  Enjoy its glory!

If you are wondering why I haven't posted a picture of the bus until now, there is a good reason!  They go by so fast, by the time I fumble with my camera, ready to take the shot, they are long gone!  Just per chance today, I had the camera at the ready, so "Voila!"  The bus driver waved too!  By the way, the new terminus (end) location for the bus driver and the passengers are horrid.  Out in the open, far from a water fountain and a bathroom, somebody has to at least put a shelter by the stop!

Told by a reliable source, these circular contrails are probably tankers refueling jets as RimPac exercises are still in full swing here in Hawaii.  Double click to see the details!

"The Walking Hawaiian" has made a discovery today!  The rich, green carpet of grass gracing the sidewalk on the right side is just that...CARPET!  What I mean is that it's AstroTurf, fake stuff!  I wondered how the grass could be clipped so close without it getting burned, then I reached down to touch it and I could pick up a whole area of turf!  Imagine my guffawed surprise! 

Talking about fake stuff, check out the purple flowers!  A painted plaque with no care directions necessary.  Saves on water too!

Not only did I love the joyful colors, but, the straps for the rubber slippers were in relief of the flag making it 3-dimensional!  Please slip into comfortable foot attire and relax for the rest of the day!  Aloha no!(Love, indeed!)

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  1. Ouu, the WeCar is very interesting- If they had an Amigo, sign me up! I love that you caught the contrails too, not too many people are looking at the sky. Keep up the awesome work!