Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do you recognize this folks?  Yeah, this is a "hydrogen fuel cell" car.  There's not too many of them around, maybe about 200.  Why?  The cost is prohibitive!  The catalyst is made of platinum, at $1400 per troy ounce, it's just under the price of gold. (If you want to know what a troy ounce is, I have no idea!) They are working to lessen the amount of platinum and improve performance so that the retail market would be viable.  Something to watch for in the future!

Officer's Clubs are mostly things of the past, and "All rank clubs" are becoming the norm.  Hickam's Officer's club still stands and although not as used as in the past, it's still a beautiful club and it's location can't be beat with the open lanai facing the waters of Pearl Harbor.

So, what gives?  Is there a retailer selling glass balls on Hickam base?  This is the second home I've seen displaying these items that are hard to find, and I've haven't even finished my jaunt through the housing yet!

Look out below!  This is a "Sausage tree,"  and the inedible fruit could be 15 pounds!  The second picture has the flower buds hanging below the fruit.  Double click the picture so you can see it better.  The huge, maroon blossoms only open at night, as I saw open blossoms on the ground, but, not on the tree.  I guess it would be pretty hard to see at night too, no?  HaHa!

Today's journey through Hickam AFB, was blessed with the company of a childhood friend visiting from the Mainland.  Her presence made the 4.0 miles go by quickly and was very enjoyable.  Two "walking Hawaiians" are always better than one!  HaHa!

Another tree, so what!  Well, this "Traveler's palm" is 3-sided and not the usual 2-sided.  Double click and check it out!

How can you not love figurines that show protection for children.  The setting was under a glorious tree with vivid colored impatiens surrounding them.  Makes me smile!

Decorated by my friend's daughter, I was thinking that it would be so cool to wear sneakers like these when I walk!  It would be a great conversation starter!  Watch out, folks!  You are looking at a budding artist!  I hope that your day was filled with color and joy!  Aloha!(Bye!)


  1. cool shoes, i think there might be a market for shoes like those :)

  2. Those are cool looking! But for the mileage you're doing, perhaps more comfy and supportive, durable shoes will be needed.

    I wonder if fuel cell cars are the way of the future. They need to do something about their paint job though.