Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Today, the walking Hawaiian has a public service announcement.  This vehicle is thought to be abandoned and I hope that it might be a stolen car that needs to be found or a person might have got in trouble and needs to be found.  Do you recognize this car?  It looks brand new!

Even though my objective for today was to plug holes in previous walks, it still took 4.19 miles to complete the trek.  I do feel a great sense of accomplishment though. I love being back on the road again, and am always excited to find something interesting everyday!

An interesting home found next to the "Holy Family Catholic Church,"  I thought that it was a great idea to build by the tree as it offered shade and protection from the elements.  A wild guess is that the Priest/Minister/Preacher lives here.

At the Ewa(west) end of "Main St.,"  it dead ends, at least to car traffic, but not to pedestrians!  I was thinking, "Why didn't I know of it's existence?"  When I left the base using the main gate, I found out!  The pedestrian overpass is fronted by all the signs directing you to which lane you need to be in as it tangents in all directions here.  So many merging lanes connect at this spot and you must be observant and cautious in this area.  I'm always looking for incoming traffic and trying to change lanes instead of studying the structure that resides behind the signs.  Learning something new everyday!

Quite a collection of beautifully damaged cars.  Either it's to train "probie" firefighters on how to release people trapped in automobiles or it's the storage area for cars prominently displayed by the front gate of bases during the holiday season to deter intoxicated driving. Maybe, it's both!
Okay folks!  Your secret is out!  I didn't even know of this street's existence, and then why so many cars were parked over here.  There's nothing here except a church, and it's not in session!  This is "Main St." on the East end and it connects to Nimitz Highway east of Valkenburg.  There is a nearby bus stop and I think that these people use this street as a carpark and then catch the bus.  After work, they catch the bus back to here and then drive home.

A couple firemen trainee's were connecting the hoses from the hydrant to fill the water truck.  I was tempted to feign a fainting spell and see if I would get rescued, but, I figured they were busy enough!  I hope that you don't need any rescuing and if you do, someone will be ready to help! E malama pono!(Take good care!)

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  1. Do the free blood pressure test! I think it would be cool to ask for a tour around the fire station and talk story with the fighters for what they do in their off time. I heard they serve killer meals. :)