Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lacking space for your garden?  Use a door hanging shoe rack!  All you apartment dwellers take heed!  Hint*  Buy a DARK or BROWN colored shoe rack, since a white one will look very dirty in no time at all!

Back to Hickam AFB again. I was accompanied by my other daughter (tag team) on today's jaunt, and feeling very lucky indeed!  Still working on the numbered streets, 4.66 miles completed the last of them.  Although Hickam is not complete, I'm winnowing down the unexplored areas.
An interesting way to mark the borders of your property!  Much better than a fence and shadier too!
Definitely, not a happy Tiki face.  Similar to a barking dog, don't you think?  Nice and quiet though, but, still intimidating!

Here is the other end of the pedestrian walkway that overlooks the main entranceway to Hickam AFB.  One day, I'm just going to use it because its there.  I hope that the paths you take will lead you to new and exciting things!  E malama pono!(Take good care!)

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  1. Hey that looks like my shoe rack, but i don't remember planting anything.