Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh, oh!  Is it a "menehune" hiding in the fronds?  Decorating the area near the front door, I thought that it was a little scary, but interesting!

I've heard about air cooling, but, this is ridiculous!  Nah!  Hickam is going through a lot of renovations.  This home is a duplex, but, I have noticed that the duplexes are converting to a single huge home!  Finished renovations are now home to O-6's, whereas it used to house O-1 to O-3's.

You have probably figured out by now that I'm still walking around Hickam AFB.  Although it doesn't look like much in the picture, I trekked 4.71 miles today.  I had hoped to complete this whole map area by the end of the day, but I guess that was just too ambitious.

It must have taken some time and effort to achieve this beautiful effect, so I truly appreciate the resident who did this.

Please double click to see what it says in the bird bath, because I unanimously agree!

Only seen if you are a walker/biker/jogger on the path.  The only other way to see this is if you are on a boat going in or out of Pearl Harbor.  Lit up at night, a warm welcome as you arrive into the harbor.

Besides it's uniqueness, the sparkly blue and green peacock shimmered in the sun.  How could I NOT miss it!

I loved how the colors of this hibiscus became more intense and bolder as you get closer to the center.  Obviously, a pretty big flower when you compare it to the size of the arm.  I hope that you are enjoying the beauty all around you everyday! Aloha ahiahi!(Good evening!)


  1. I wonder how welcome you would be to knock on the door and talk story with people who must have great fortitude in the midst of construction and who have such great art in their yard. Would you be open to talking with people whose stuff you wanna hear the story behind?

    1. Actually, I did talk with the resident with the "peacock" decoration. She said she got it on sale (75% off) at Target! She wanted to buy it full price in the Mainland ($68)but couldn't figure out how to bring it back, then she saw it here in Hawaii on sale! It worked out very well for her.

      I would knock on doors, but, I'm afraid to write paragraphs of commentary under the pictures. It might be quite a turn-off to most people who just like to browse.