Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sometimes, being too close is not the best place to be!  I had hoped to get a really close view of the commercial airliner, and only ended seeing part of the wing and the tail.  Live and learn, my friends! 
I wanted to show you how low the airplanes actually are.  So, compare the ground to the distance the plane is and remember that it is still descending as it moves.  Double click the picture to see the details.

Fences and planes were the menu for today.  These F-22's were parked near one of the fences that hindered my walk.

Two last sections needed to be completed and Hickam AFB is done!  Located furtherest east and makai(toward the ocean), this stretch was out in the boonies and thank goodness my daughter accompanied me.  I felt safer that I wasn't alone walking here.  The 3.11 miles finished the last of this base and walking it has made me feel more a part of it. Now I truly KNOW this area.

At the very end of one of the sections, the Hickam control tower resides.  Now if you are wondering why I'm taking a picture with all the bushes and trees in front of it, this is why...

This sign was very clear that there will be no vehicles, no bikes, no pedestrians and no cameras allowed in this area.  So, I took a picture of the sign!  Obstinate, yeah? Also, when I was out of range of the gate guard, I took the picture of the tower!  Hah!

Talking about signs, they were all over the place, making sure that I felt welcome walking here!  Double click the pictures and see what it says!  I was thinking that I hope I don't set off some explosive!

The "welcome" signs were on one side and the other side was the "Mamala Bay Golf Course."  As you can see, what a beautiful sight, compared to the other side of the road.

This kinda caught my attention.  I didn't see it anywhere else!  A bunch of white stones bolstering this strange shaped stick.  What do you think this is about?  Obviously put there by someone, but, what for?  If you have an idea, let me know!

As my daughter and I vigorously waved aloha (goodbye) to the planes passing by, I also say aloha (goodbye) to Hickam Air Force Base.  My journey continues elsewhere and I hope that you have learned a bit about its history and hope for continued progression here for the future!

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