Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Okay now, lets be smart!  If you are going to do something against the law, don't do it right next to the sign that tells you not to do it!  Shoot! You might as well secure it on the sign post, no?

My new area is Halawa.  The valley section is all industrial and the ridge line is residential, with a small Marine military base there too!  According to the walking application I use, today's jaunt was 2.24 miles only.  I'm thinking that I walked longer than that, and if there are overcast skies, the program does mess up.  But, I didn't do ANY backtracking at all and maybe that's why I got the low mileage number.  Anywho, I walked the area in yellow highlight marker!

At the very end of Iwaena Road, there is a Xeriscape Garden!  Owned by the Board of Water Supply, and open only on Saturdays, I never knew of it's existence!   I will come back on Saturday to check it out.  By the way, they also give away free mulch!

This store can organize your closet to maximize efficiency and beauty.  As I was taking a picture of the business, I inadvertently took my own picture too!   My bright yellow shirt was worn for a reason...
Because "The Walking Hawaiian" is C-R-A-Z-Y!  There were on-ramps and off-ramps to the freeway as part of my route.  Cars zipped by me and cars were zipping under me, getting me a little dizzy!  But, I know that they could see me!

 Caw, Caw!  I think that they are crows or Myna birds!  What do you think?  They even put eyes in!  Also...
Are they going to put a "Drive-way" in, or is this notification for renters?  It doesn't look like a drive-way to me!

I'm not sure what language this is, but, it sure looks like a party to me!  Does anybody know what all the lanterns and the sign means?  Let me know!

Part of my route was walking through an condo complex and I just loved the landscaping.  Here is a sample of one of the pathways to get to your condo.  Breathtaking!  So sorry for the late blog!  My router went down while I was working on my blog and was down all evening. It got fixed today, so you should be getting 2 blogs on the same day! E kala mai!(I'm sorry!)

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