Monday, August 6, 2012

Resting precariously near the edge of the roof, I can only think, "MEAN BROTHER!"  I wonder if a little girl is looking for her doll?

I didn't think that I could complete the Ewa(west) side of the housing so quickly, but, trekking only 3.11 miles finished off the Navy Housing area and two pages of map are done!  Ya-hoo!  On to new areas tomorrow!

This is not "shadow play" on the color of the car.  The car is red on top and gradually turns to solid black on the bottom.  I'm not sure if car paint schemes are made this way now, or if the car owner had it done.  Nevertheless, two powerful colors make for a dramatic looking vehicle.
Displayed prominently on the front porch, I don't know if this is a science project or a homemade craft project.  Only two of the glasses have a plant in them, so, what happened to the others?

Besides the bold coloring of these hibiscus, I loved the lighter coloring on the edging and center of the blossom.  What a perfect match to the cooler behind it!  HaHa!

The kids must love this gate that gets them to Aliamanu Elementary and Aliamanu Middle School lickedy-split!  Only open during the school hours and locked on holidays, what a Godsend to the kids and the parents.

Nestled near the front door of a resident, this replica of a diver's helmet was almost life size and glossy.  Not really sure of the material it was made of, but, definitely a tribute to divers everywhere!  E malama pono!(Take good care!)

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