Friday, August 17, 2012

Known as "Akebono" in Japan, Chad Rowan was born in Waimanalo, Oahu.  He became the Japanese sumo Grand Champion.  This statue is located at Waimanalo Shopping Center and serves as a tourist photo op!  I think that a good picture would be to look like you are flying away from him, because he just threw you!  What do you think?

I did two posting today to make up for the lack this week. Don't forget to check the previous post even though its on the same day.  There is a hula dancer swaying in the wind! I walked around Waimanalo and Kailua to shop, eat and look around.  Enjoy the photos of my journey!
Double click to see if the cardinal is giving me the "Stink Eye!"  HaHa!  The interesting thing was that I thought it was another flower, until I scared it and it moved.  I'm glad that the bird didn't fly away while I was fumbling with my camera!

Next to "Whole Foods" in Kailua town, (aka: Whole Paycheck!) I saw this art piece.  I'm thinking, "avocado!"
The textures and colors of the different plants made it look like a weaved rug.  Wouldn't it be great if it were all vegetables and spices!  Friends could call and ask what you are doing, and you could say, "I'm climbing up the wall to make dinner!"

Right off the main street of Kailua town, this statue of a swimmer girl stands holding an inner tube.  You must double click this photo and see that people are decorating her with all kinds of stuff!

I hope that I'm forgiven!  Until Monday! E malama pono! (Take good care!)

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