Friday, August 24, 2012

So, where is the bikini clad barista?  She told me that if I wanted to take a picture, that I would owe her a $5 tip.  I told her to get out of the picture.  Please double click to see all the signs telling you to give them tips and not to take her picture without her knowing, etc.  By the way, she was wearing shorts!  Hipster shorts, but shorts!  She was only supposed to wear a bikini!  Rip off!

Even though this is low income housing, this resident brought so much beauty and food using her skills in gardening to grace her front lawn.

Yes, I know that I again skipped the area I was working on and decided to walk in an area that I had business in.  Well, don't worry!  It's still an area I haven't walked yet and very interesting it is.  I believe that Kapalama is where I completed 3.22 miles today.  Most places were either small businesses or low-income housing here.  There was a lot of walkers and bikers here, so I wasn't the only "Walking Hawaiian" today.  The week tallied a total of 15.72 miles with the grand total equalling 278.40 miles since beginning this goal.

Making their view known on this controversial issue!  I think that whoever they are going to put into office will be the majority people's view about this issue.  What do I think?  I'm against the rail.  I'm for more buses and bus lanes.  This will insure everyone can get where they need to go through one mode of transportation.  Otherwise, this rail will service a select few(wherever the rail's path is) and then people will still need another form of transportation to get them to their final destination.

"Dee-Lite Bakery" is my favorite place for Coconut cake, Dobash cake and Chantilly cake!  They also put together cute baskets of goodies related to an upcoming holiday.

Eight T-shirts for $20!  Do you need a T-shirt?  Check it out!  Located off of North King street!
I saw this plant and I haven't a clue what it is, but I like it!  Anybody know what this is?

Called, "Laumaka Work Furlough Center," it offers housing and treatment programs to convicts for up to a year before they are fully released from confinement. Inmates assigned to this place are either actively seeking employment or working in the community.  Located just a block away from prison, what a wonderful program to help convicts get back into the community.  I hope that you can give second chances to people who make mistakes!  We're all not perfect!  Aloha! (Bye!)

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