Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An interesting angle taking a picture of the "Animal Quarantine Station,"  I had a feeling of isolation and boredom for the animals housed there.

This is the usual angle that you see entering the Quarantine station.  The necessity of course is due to being on an Island, which a vector could spread disease quickly and thoroughly.

Cloudy skies again made my walking application map my route incorrectly, so I jury-rigged a measurement device and calculated that 2.97 miles finished the day.  Industrial warehouses and storage for businesses dominated the route.  But at the furthest end is a place I hope that you never see either with your own eyes or visiting a relative or friend.

Yes, its the "Halawa Correctional Facility!"  I have to admit though that the beauty of the valley is a nicer location to be incarcerated.

No matter what, you are in Hawaii, and beauty can be found anywhere!  Just a sample of some flora on my journey today.
Do you remember the "Scholastic Book Fair" fliers that your kids would bring home from school?  Well, you can buy them here on August 14-18.  In May and December, they have a total warehouse sale that the public can purchase.  A great idea for Christmas gifts!  Located at 99-139A Waiua, I hope to see you there!  Telephone number is 808-485-2665.

An interesting find was part of the original Moanalua Freeway that is not used, but, as you can see, the taggers found it! 

My best find was a couple of horses roaming about in a fenced area.  Due to the small size of my camera, it looks like the horse could touch me, but I put the camera lens between the fence holes so that the fence wouldn't impede the photo.  I hope for great finds for you too!  Aloha!(Bye!)

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  1. Hello, my name is Daniel Hunter. I'm writing you in the course of researching the old Honolulu Animal Quarantine station. I lived there from the age of 2 through 6, with my Grandmother and Step-Grandfather, in the mid 1960's.

    You seem to have some familiarity with the place in its current state. Any correspondence on the subject would be more than welcome.

    Very best, and mahalo,

    -Daniel Hunter
    San Francisco, California