Friday, August 10, 2012

I thought that it would be interesting to see this night-blooming Cereus in the daylight hours in its unopened form.  The bloom is pristine white when open at night.

Whaaa?  Am I mixing you up?  Yeah, I'm back in Halawa, but instead of the valley, I'm now climbing Halawa Heights!  A paltry but difficult 2.86 miles finishes the day.  Remember, its the HEIGHTS now!  HaHa!  The week tallied to 13.13 (lucky number!) miles, with the grand total of 253.68 miles since starting.

I think that this is a FEMALE palm!  What do you think?

When I see things like this, I have to bolster my determination to just do it, no matter what!  Yes, this was part of my route.  Aren't you glad to just look at pictures and not have to walk with me?  Yeah, I bet you are!

You can get some pretty nice views from up there though!  Panoramic!

A very creative way to cut your grass and make a statement!  No, it's not "Uh!"  It stands for the University of Hawaii or U-H for short.  I guess they didn't want to spell, "Halawa Heights!"  Too much work!

The white blossoms of this plumeria were just tumbling out everywhere, so I had to capture this moment and take a picture since tomorrow it may be gone.

Two interesting mailboxes today.  One is patriotic and the other is "bling-blinged" out.  I hope there are no guys living at the bling-bling mailbox, it must embarrass them.

Why are there so many boxes here for power?  There are solar panels on the roof and a water heater panel too, but, do you need that many boxes for it?  Somebody know about this?  Let me know!  Have a great weekend and I hope that you come across things that "stump" you too, because it makes life interesting!  E malama pono!(Take good care!)

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