Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interesting use of the wrought iron wall hangings.  The design allows for air flow and the intricate design accents the otherwise empty space.

After finishing Hickam AFB, I was thinking of what next to conquer and I saw these few areas which is Navy Housing and if I do them, two pages of map would be completed and never to be used again.  Today's jaunt netted 3.01 miles in mostly straight lines and no backtracking.  I felt that it was easy and swift due to the uncomplicated path.

On a previous blog, I mentioned these fenced off areas and wondered if I would be seeing more of them.  Well, here are several more and I have lots to cover yet.  Told by a reliable source that an accident resulting in a death of a child in one of these drainage areas called for immediate safety precautions, so, the addition of these fences were put up in reaction to it.
I've been told to include some streets, since that is were I'm walking, so here is one of the major streets trekked.  I enjoyed looking at the ocean in the distance.  Double click to see the blue waters of the Pacific!

Vibrant red, this ginger variety called, "Indian Head Ginger," (Hey, I didn't make up the name!) begged for attention with the many bracts blooming.

I have to admit, most military homes bores me to tears, but this one was different.  Using yard ornaments, plants and wall hangings, it looked unique in a sea of uniformity.  Christopher, compliments his mom, who has won many "Yard of the Month,"and "Yard of the Quarter," housing awards in the many moves they made being in the military. Please double click and see the embellishments up close.  Chris was off to work as a waiter at the "Seven Palms" restaurant on Valkenburg.  He's cute, ladies, so give him a visit at the restaurant!

I remember when my children were young and I bought them these huge colored chalk and let them have at it drawing on the driveway.  Budding artists!  I loved their use of different colors on the same animal!  Let yourself be free of embarrassment and just do it for the experience!  Aloha!(Bye!)

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