Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I have found yet another swimming pool!  The three separate areas are, toddlers, children and adult (lap) swimming.  The view was magnificent and the weather...perfect!  Add a few buff guys and I'm in heaven!  HaHa!

Today's jaunt of 3.80 miles finishes up Halawa Heights.  The XXX's were areas of locked fences and barriers.  The P's were Parking Lots!  I don't do parking lots!  I really thought that I was going to struggle as I climbed higher and higher in Camp Smith.  To my amazement, it wasn't half bad!

Here was an obstacle blocking or hindering my journey today.

Okay, I think that you would be safe from a tsunami up here!  Yeah, but not from a hurricane, but you know that's coming days in advance! A siren is not really necessary!

All ranks can make use of this facility called, "Sunset Lanai!"  Indoor seating as well as lanai seating are available with a panoramic view of the leeward side of the Island.  If you are military or DoD, please come and see the sights and their Mongolian BBQ held every Wednesday is fun to eat!

If you recall yesterday's blog.  I had a picture of a white truck parked in an area that I couldn't figure out how it got there.  Well, today I could walk further down from the Camp Smith side and I investigated some more.  There is no access way to this place!  But if you look where the arrow is pointing, that is another car!  Just makai(toward the ocean)of the Halawa Heights bridge, another car resides.  I may inspect closer on another day the other car that somehow got there too!  Double click to see more detail.  I always seem to get at least one surprise a day being "The Walking Hawaiian!"  It sure keeps you on your toes!  Aloha! (Bye!)

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