Thursday, August 9, 2012

Filling the alley with an art piece made totally of astroturf was ingenious!  You don't have to water it and it'll last practically forever!

The previous picture was next to this store called, "NyLawn."  Nylon...I get it!  The front of their store also had grass made of astroturf.  I think that Hickam AFB used a lot of their product on one of their streets.

You may have surmised that I'm not in Halawa Valley and you would be correct.  I had business in this area, so I figured that I might as well put it in my route today!  I think that my course was through Iwilei and distance was not much at 1.74 miles, but interesting stores were!  Walking allowed me to investigate interesting places that I would pass by in a car thinking to check it later.
Do they have fresh fish?  You betcha!  Pricey?  You betcha!  But, if you want the best, come here!
This striking art mural is found at Ka'iulani Elementary School.  The tree canopy is made of puzzle pieces and filled with star constellations.  Dedicated to the Princess Victoria Ka'iulani Cleghorn, she was to be the next monarch after Queen Liliuokalani.  Of course, the monarchy was overthrown before she could assume the throne.  Her father, Archibald Cleghorn planted the first Banyan tree in Hawaii and called it, "Ka'iulani Banyan," and a slip from that tree is planted here at the Elementary School.

  Do you need Hawaiian material?  This is the place!  Called, "June's Fabrics," the selection awesome!

Called, "Ferguson,"  it sells Kitchens, Bathrooms and Lighting.  Not associated with C.S. Wo,  they have items that range from cheap to ultra expensive.  The selection for the higher end items make you want to put some money aside for a few luxuries in the future.  Obviously, I liked the cool looking lighting!

So this is where the Kamehameha Schools park their buses.  As you know, this school provides transportation to their students of Hawaiian ancestry at various pick-up points around the Island.
The only part of the whole Kapalama canal to have a wall.  I swear!  I looked up and down the length of it, and no other wall.  So, I don't know if this is all there is left of the wall or if there were incidents that for safety purposes, the wall was built.

Make a lei(garland) for a giant!  Found inside of "Boulevard Island Cafe,"  a very nice place to eat, have a liquid refreshment and chill with air conditioning! (Cold air, yes!) Kind of set back from the street, I've never seen it before until I walked by it!  Check it out folks!  Within the Honolulu Community College and off of Dillingham!

At first I thought, "Whoa, pretty violent to have a gun pointing at you when you enter the establishment!"  I had to check again to see that the gun's shaft was in a knot!  The art piece was called, "Nonviolence."  You can find this in the "Boulevard Island Cafe" too!

Having a campus right in the busy center of Honolulu, you could pass by and not even notice!  With many bus routes stopping in front of the campus, it's a student's dream of not having to own a car to go to school.  Have sweet dreams tonight and I'll be walking tomorrow! Aloha ahiahi!(Good evening!)

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