Thursday, August 2, 2012

At first, I thought that this was a SHARK car, but because of the color, I think it's a ALLIGATOR car.(Or crocodile!)  It looks like they did it themselves, and not too shabby!  The undercoat of neon yellow helps you to see it from a distance.  I bet it'll never get stolen!  HaHa!

Today's route had me referring to my map constantly as I convoluted the Navy housing.  Weird looks, cars following me, and people not responding to my greetings was the norm which didn't make the trek any more inviting, but I got a lot done tallying 4.92 miles for the day.

Low fuel costs, RedBox, alcohol and food are offered here at the "Halsey Mini-mart!"  Cats are also welcome as I spied some cat food bowls with food in it near the bushes that line the street of the Mini-mart.
Walking the "Doris Miller" loop, I thought that it was a WOMAN.  But this loop is dedicated to the first African American to receive the "Navy Cross," for his bravery during the Pearl Harbor attack.  A Ship's cook, he shot at zeros, moved wounded sailors to safety and saved many lives in doing so.  Unfortunately, he was killed 2 years later in another battle which   sunk his ship in minutes.  He was never found.

Interesting set of plates here.  Can you identify the different flora on the plates?  Double click the picture to see up close!  Good luck!  E malama pono!(Take good care!)

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  1. yeah that looks like my tibby, theirs look more beat up then mine