Friday, August 17, 2012

Even the coconut tree is learning to hula!  I'm sure it already knows how to sway!  Either somebody had a great imagination or someone is missing their bikini top and hula skirt!  HaHa!
I originally intended to tread much more than the .80 mile actually accomplished.  Yes, the XXXX's mark the spots!  I can't do much about that!  Anyway, forgive the crazy week of post - nothing, post - nothing!  Being away from my equipment made it hard to be status quo!  It doesn't mean that I haven't been walking, but, just not in an organized way.  The week total added up to a BIG "9.0" miles and the grand total is 262.68 miles.

These are the signs that hindered my walk over at Bellows.  Even though it was short, being there was very sweet.  The time spent with my family and catching some waves made for a very enjoyable stay.
Being in the beach side cabins help to lull you to sleep listening to the ebb and flow of the ocean.
These two buildings are the newest structures to grace Bellows.  I guess its for people who want to be near the beach, but don't want to "rough" it!

Makai (towards the ocean) and Mauka (towards the mountain) are the views that can be seen at Bellows.
How would you like to live and to work here!  I guess that you save a lot on gas!  No need for a playground when this whole area can be your playground!  I hope that you had a great week!  Things should go back to normal this coming week.  Aloha!(Bye!)

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