Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Ahupua'a (division of land from the mountain top the the ocean in ancient Hawaii) called Moanalua became the property of the estate of Samuel M. Damon.  Before him, it belonged to the House of Kamehameha.  Damon later became one of the first trustees of the Kamehameha Schools with his business partner Charles Reed Bishop.  The Damon estate sold some of the land to commercial and residential developers in 1956.  After statehood, Governor of Hawaii John A. Burns promoted the development as a modernization project.  In 1966, the lake was filled in except for a pond in the Honolulu Country Club golf course.  It's amazing that there are so many apartment complexes, with a dappling of homes in this community.
I passed by this cute mailbox.  It looked like a Japanese residence.  I would like to live there if I were small enough!  HaHa!
No, I would'nt  like to be a solicitor for this residence.  I don't think that putting away groceries would be any fun either.  So, either you have to be VERY healthy, or I think you would die of a heart attack!

You just have to feel lucky to live in Hawaii when there are so many beautiful blossoms everywhere you look.  Here are two varieties of Hibiscus I passed today.  I love the pink/peach variety, since it is unusual.

Wailing wall in Hawaii?  Nah, but it sure is a huge wall!


  1. Beautiful Hibiscus pictures! So professional how you framed the shot with the three peach pua. Ou! I have a suggestion. Use some more Hawaiian words. I love that you are perpetuating the Hawaiian language and culture. :D

  2. I promise to do that from time to time!