Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So, this is Salt Lake.  Located in Honolulu, and NOT in Utah!  In three overlapping, low profile tuff cones, we're in a bowl. The lake was 1.5km across, but very shallow.  Fed by the freshwater springs and seawater seepages.  With no outlet, water loss was mainly through evaporation, which made the lake very salty.  It was so salty, that salt deposits formed around the shore.  No longer the case since a tunnel was dug and provided an outlet. Very little of the lake remains and can be seen if you go to the County Club or partially seen if you go to the District Park. The highlighted areas are the path I accomplished today.  The weather was beautiful, and I feel very lucky.
On my way, I ran into Jonathan Kajiwara.  His yard was a garden of cacti.  So many varieties, that I couldn't count.  He and an contractor were digging all the beautiful cacti up!  The city demanded that he get rid of the "dangerous" cacti since the sidewalk and the area beyond is city property.  I am so SAD!  I will miss walking past his beautiful creation.  Here is the before and after picture!

He had this cute, little "Silky Terrier" that used to stand on the driveway and watch cars and people walk by.  Her name was Gracie, and passed away about a month ago.  She was 17 years old and a sweet dog.  We would stop and talk with her everytime we passed.  This dog was fiesty and made a neighbor's Doberman Pincher faint! She ran at him and nudged him and barked feverishly and the Doberman fainted dead away.  The owner had to pick up his dog and take him away!  I will miss Gracie.

This plant is all over the place!  It is called, "Tiare."  It is from the gardenia family and smells like gardenia.  I passed by the bush and love smelling its fragrance.  If you will be watching the "Merry Monarch Festival," see if you find some tiare in their hair or costumes.

Yup, these are yards that I passed. Beautiful, no?  Hope I didn't overwhelm you!  Until tomorrow! Aloha!


  1. I loved that cacti garden! I am so sad that the city believed it was dangerous and ordered it destroyed. Thank you for getting the picture before it was gone though. Aiyah...

  2. Clearly the before picture is majestic. The after picture is NOT inviting. What is the city thinking? They must be Crazy! I enjoy reading the tid bits you post. Reminds me that I need to slow down and take notice of the beauty around me. Take time to appreciate creation! Take time to greet my neighbors and smile and say hello to those I pass throughout the day. That's part of the world's problem, we have become too busy to appreciate the beauty in the cactus! - Cristie

    1. Cristi, you are wise beyond your years! Now I know why my brother, David, fell in love with you first! Thank you for the insightful comments and I wish you joy and love by the bucketful! Aloha no! (Love, indeed!)

  3. Lol , just to clarify, Cristie is my daughter....and i do love her :) love ya!

  4. I live in Hilo...Love Your photos ....Ululani