Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As I was walking today, these unusual varieties caught my eye.  The first picture is the "Ti" leaf plant.  The varigated red and green  leaves are not the normal "Ti."  Behind it is the red "Ti" and is commonplace.  Of course, the original is the green "Ti" leaf, found at most every home. ( I have some in my yard too!) 

The second picture is the "bird of paradise."  The difference is that there were about four to a stem, whereas there unsually is only one!  These plants are beautiful to decorate in a vase and lasts a very, long time.

Somebody likes the seven dwarfs!  Snow white was nowhere to be found, but, they are such a cute ornament for your yard.

This is such a great idea!  The side area of an apartment complex was a vegetable garden.  Compared to other possible fill-ins, it's useful and ono (tasty) too!  Also, in Hawaii, you can grow food year round!

I was wondering what this guy was doing and realized that he was watering plants in some trays out on the ledge.  Now, don't ask me how he got it there!  He is making use of that ledge!  Just to let you know, he was on the eight floor of the apartment complex, not good if you have vertigo!

The pink highlighter is definitely PINK, so I hope that you can easily see the areas that were completed today which are in yellow highlight.  I walked 2.7miles to complete a lot of side streets missed previously.  I have to admit, I didn't feel like walking today.  I guess that I was feeling lazy!  But, I started, and noticed my pace is improving and I'm feeling more centered and surefooted.  Actually, my disposition has improved likewise.  You can't separate the physical from the mental no matter how much you try.  I'm enjoying the added bonus.

Bright red, orange and yellow, I couldn't help noticing this blossom.  For the life of me, I can't identify it yet, but, promise to let you know once I find out. * A hui hou! (remember what that means?)
*I will highlight hawaiian words from now on in yellow so that you can learn some hawaiian words and/or phrases as you continue with me on this journey!


  1. Beautiful photos, Donna! I'm so glad you've taken on this project. I enjoy reading your entries :) I just found out my niece Tonie, her husband and kiddos will be stationed in Hawaii. Don't know exactly where or when. But I know I will visit them at least once and plan a side trip to see you and your family :) Miss you!!!


    1. I hope you will come! It would be wonderful to see you again and catch up. I could show you wonderful sights and have you experience fun things while you are here. I am in happy anticipation! You could walk with me too, if you like!

  2. Nice Don! So did you find out what kind of plants he was growing on that ledge ;) just wondering.... Enjoying all the pictures of the aina, keep it up if you can, love ya

    1. No, I could barely see the trays. Only some green stuff sticking out over the tray, cause you got to remember, he is way up there! With the support of my family and all of your wonderful comments, how can I NOT continue!