Thursday, April 19, 2012

See!  This is the usual "Bird of Paradise" that I am accustomed to seeing.  One flower per stem.  Of course, the flower is good sized.  You don't need too many to make a beautiful flower arrangement.

Wow! Never in my imagination!  The varigated leaf and the pinwheel colored center just blew me away!  In addition, I love the red-tipped stamen.  God is an artist!

You just never know who you are going to meet on the streets.  Today, I met Harry Tsuchidana.  He is a well-known Japanese artist.  His medium is abstract tempura or acrylic paintings. Very easy to talk to and with a twist of humor.  Eventually, he drew a couple shapes in my notebook, wrote the meaning and signed and dated it.  I checked him on Google and I like his works.  Simple, yet complex, using color and line to form perspective.  His paintings also ilicit a feeling, that color represents.  Art is not to please the masses, but, to find your own expression.  Pretty personal, folks!

While we were talking, he told me a true story.  On December 7th, 1941, he and a friend were playing near the Waipahu Sugar Mill.  The Japanese pilots were using the sugar mill's smoke stacks, as a visual guide to their bombing raids.  He actually saw the pilots, with their scarfs fluttering behind them and the pilots waved, so, he and his friend waved back.  It was just like in the movie, "Tora, Tora, Tora," he said.

Please Google his name and check out his art!  I got two in my book!  HaHa!

Moanalua High School!  Opened in 1972 and dubbed by the Honolulu Advertiser as the "Private school for Public Schools."  Located on the ridgeline of the crater, it enables a visual panorama that is awe-inspiring!  In the fall, this school holds the "Menehune Classic," opening the competitive marching band season.  By the way, they usually win every marching band competition.  If you never have, I suggest that you watch the marching band final's competition.  The songs they play, the precision in their moves and overall production are very entertaining.

Yup!  You read that right!  Ten cents for twelve hours!  What a deal!  I can only think that most apartment complexes offer only "one" parking space, so, to handle the overload, they have this good sized parking lot (centrally located) and charge ten cents.  The person comes home from work and parks, and less than twelve hours later, back to work they go.  Lucky you live Hawaii!

Todays jaunt was a blistering (really!) 4.37miles.  Soon, I'll need to drive or catch a bus to my starting point and continue from there.  At least that shows progress!  Exploring Hawaii this way is a mixed bag.  Everytime I walk in a "Place,"  the home owners freak out!  What is this person doing walking into a "dead end?"  Usually, they all have dogs, and they are barking their heads off!  So, I might reconsider walking into "Places,"  and still walk the "Streets" and "loops."  I guess if I wore, "The Walking Hawaiian"  T-shirts and carried business cards with the walking hawaiian information on it, I might not make people so suspicious.  What do you think?  Aloha til tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful flowers! :) Such a bright spot in my morning. And I googled Mr. Tsuchidana, as well. Very nice works! I def think you should print a T-shirt and some business cards.


  2. Maybe carry a walking stick or some pepper spray in case someone sics their dogs on you? :)

    1. You are right! I'm starting to ponder the safety issues that may present itself in the future. All very good advice.