Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I thought that today, I will start with pictures of Hawaii, instead of a map.  These are two varieties of "Plumeria."  My favorite is the first one that is mostly yellow.  This type of flower doesn't brown quickly and I love my leis to last!

This house was so interesting.  The colors were bright and the straw doors looked very authentic.  I believe that there is a shrine a little, farther back.  Not the front of the house, but, the side is where all this is located.

Coffee anyone?  I was quite surprised by finding a yard that contained a coffee tree.  I guess that they like their coffee fresh!  It couldn't be any fresher than that!

Can you find the chickens?  There's two of them! 

My route for today.  I actually walked 3.4 miles, uphill most of the way.  I was trying to finish off side streets.  The pink highlighter didn't work so well, so, I'll try a different brand and hope that it'll look better.

Salt Lake is surrounded by military installations.  Fort Shafter is the headqurters of the U.S. Army Pacific.  Hickam Air Force Base is headquarters of the United States Pacific Air Forces. Pearl Harbor is headquarters of the United States Pacific Fleet.  North of Salt Lake is Tripler Army Medical Ctr.  So, if you are military and want to live off base, Salt Lake is very near and central to all bases.

Usually, the center of the Hibiscus is a darker color than the petals.  I was amazed that this sunny center darkened to a pretty pink.  It's extraordinary that the Hibiscus can be so diverse.


  1. Nice work Don enjoy the pictures and the postings.

  2. Your pics are making me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo homesick!!!! Love it,Don!