Monday, April 23, 2012

I absolutely have no idea what this plant is, but, I thought that it was pretty.  If anyone knows, let me know, okay?

A heliconia rostrata, if memory serves me well.  If I had my way, I would call it, "lazy flowers!"  It looks like they are all taking a nap!  HaHa!  They're very pretty anyway!

Love birds? I don't know, but, they were sooo cute!

I passed this up and then realized that the shape of this stone collects rainwater so that birds could drink and bathe in it.  I'm not sure if the owners intended to do this, but, I have in the past.

Now, this is a first!  I have never seen pineapple planted in the front yard.  By the way, it's doing very well!  It just needs to ripen a bit and then, "Pineapple Upsidedown Cake!"  My favorite!

Salt Lake, in Hawaii!  This is all that is left.  Not very grand, but, it had to be somewhere, yes?

I knew that my luck could only hold out so long.  Today, it was non-stop rain.  The only thing good was that the dogs where indoors, so, no barking dogs!  Another thing, was that the colors of the plants were so vivid with moisture on the leaves and clouds hiding the intensity of the sun.  A grand total of 2.9 miles was all I did. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get a lot more walking done. Aloha!!

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