Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can you find the Gecko? (Lizard?)  As I was pondering to take a picture of this fragrant ginger bush, I saw the HUGE gecko, and decided to take a picture of it!  He didn't even TRY to sell  me "car insurance"!

Is it a bush?  Is it a mailbox?  No, it's the bushy, cat mailbox!  Me-oooooow!  The mailbox door is located under the cat's head.  How did they do the tail!?

Yes, the mailboxes caught my eye today.  I can't help it if there is such creative people in Hawaii!  This has got to be a golfer/artist, because it looked hand painted.  I wonder if the golf course is here or the mainland.  It might be from his/her own imagination.

Oh please!  Not another one!  Yes, obviously a fisherman!  the hook actually rotated around if the wind hit it.  That's how it caught my attention!  Good thing I'm not a fish, because I would have been hooked!  HaHa!

Not the usual figurines in the yard.  A soldier, standing silent vigil and a Japanese "mansion" or "castle" stone decoration.

A more reasonable route of 3.67 miles was accomplished today.  I had a chorus of barking dogs and I think if anyone was sleeping, they're awake now!  I should tape them and make a Christmas song of barking dogs.  I  have lots of material to choose from!
At the end of my walk, this screaming, red Hibiscus shocked me to attention.  This blossum was as big as my face!  If I wore it in my ear, my face would be obliterated!  I liked the hint of varigation in the color on the petals.  Aloha no! (Love, indeed!)

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  1. Aloha My Friend,
    Nice to see my old neighborhood, Ala Mahina place! Love your pics!
    Love, Janet