Friday, April 20, 2012

Today, was the day for whimsical mailboxes!  I don't know if the people are "crabby" here, but, their mailbox sure is!  HaHa!  Actually, it was made out of chainlink and I think that they were ingenious!  Very creative!

It might not be fall, but, I sure would love to sink my teeth in an apple!  I loved the vivid colors!
I was told by a reliable source (my daughter) that I should post pictures of the streets that I walk.  I thought that it might be quite boring, and would rather take pictures of interesting sights or people on the way.  So, as a happy medium, I will post street pictures from time to time.  This is "Ala Pu'umalu Loop."  My best guess for the Hawaiian definition is: "Sheltered Hill Street."  I may be wrong, but, I like the sound of it.  The Hawaiian language has so many definitions for one word, so, that's why I'm having trouble with it.

3.37 miles, was the route for the day.  Unfortunately, it was mostly uphill.  This area hugs the crater's ridgeline and talk about spectacular views all the way around.  The homes were huge and beautiful.  I was waiting for the police officers to question me as to what I was doing!  Hah!  Saved, so far!

"Pikake," is a fragrant, fragile flower that are made into leis(garlands) and haku's(crown head-dress).  The blossum is picked while in the unopened bud form and then strung from the middle tip through the stem.  If you ever get gifted with many strands of "pikake" lei, you know the giver really cares for you since this lei is VERY EXPENSIVE!

I found out what this is called!  It's called: Dwarf Pionciana or "'Ohai-ali'i".  Otherwise known as the "peacock" flower or the "pride of Barbados."  The blossums resemble the Royal Poinciana tree,  but, are smaller with longer stamens.

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