Monday, April 16, 2012

Aloha, my blogger friends.  A new week and new sights of Hawaii! A few interesting points about "Salt Lake."  This area is also known as "Aliamanu" after a nearby crater, but, Salt Lake sits in the "Alia pa'akai" crater meaning "salt pond" in the Hawaiian language.

I've got a great idea.  From now on, the route that I complete for the day will be highlighted in yellow and the areas that are already done will be highlighted in pink.  The color differences will help you see how much I did for the day. 

As promised, here is a picture of the "lehua" blossom.  If you look on the map, you will see a street name, "Ala Lehua."  At least now you can picture the blossom when you see the street.

How would you like to see this everytime that you enter your apartment complex.  This complex is called, "Three Regents," and there are two more of these at other entrances.  So, I guess that these "totems" are the 3 Regents.  What do you think?

I got a neckache taking this picture of the "tallest" apartment complex in Salt Lake. It sits at a strange angle and is the only one at that angle.  We are looking at it from the side.  The front, which is ALL lanai (patio, porch?) faces directly east.  I guess they are the first to see the sun rising on this side of the island. 

Well, my friends, I hope for better luck tomorrow!  I have taken notice that I'm walking stronger and faster, with less effort than before. Unfortunately, no weight change!  Rats!  A hui hou! (until we meet again)

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