Thursday, April 26, 2012

This may not be the "Great Wall of China," but, it definitely is a "Chinese Wall!"  The whole wall was lined with various Chinese figurines.

You gotta be an abstract artist!  Cue stick holder, female torso made of several mediums and rotten fruit.  Anybody have an idea what this is supposed to represent!?

Huge, golden blossums greeted me today.  This is called, "Cup of Gold!"  It's a member of the potato family.  Rats!  I checked and didn't find any gold!

And I went further still!  Here is the road behind me.  I was racing with the "Hawaiian Electric Company" meter readers.  They beat me, because they had cars!  But, they do run from door to door, parking their car in an accessible area.  By the way ladies, they were young guys(20 something) and CUTE!

You can't have enough cranes! A Japanese tradition, "Sembazuru," a couple folds 1000 origami cranes for their wedding, then shall they be granted their greatest wish.  These people didn't fold them, they bought them.  There is more in the front yard and right in front of their house.

I split the route today in two sections.  All together, 3.6 miles was the total.  I hope to keep working in the middle and complete this area soon.

Yesterday, the Hibiscus I saw was huge!  Today, these Hibiscus were so tiny, you could fit it on a 50 cent coin.  I had to really look closely to identify.  You can tell, by comparing  how large the stamen is to the size of the petals.  Aloha! (bye!)

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