Monday, April 30, 2012

*NOTE:  If you don't already know, if you double click the picture, you'll get a blown up picture.  Some details are lost because of size, so, please use this feature to see the beauty close up!

Truly, just when I think that I've seen them all, I stand corrected.  These two interesting Hibiscus species has to be added to my "Beautiful Hibiscus" list.  I did ask about the second Hibiscus, because the owner was outside when I walked by, but, even he didn't remember what it was called.  Check out the unusual inner petal layer.  It actually surrounded the stamen in a protective manner!

The colors were the first thing to capture my attention, then, I was trying to figure out what it's purpose was.  I could only come up with that maybe it was a stairwell?  What do you think?

For visualization purposes, I put these two photos together.  At the end of the housing, in the valley, (check the middle of the second picture), the "private property" sign stood blatantly.  Obviously, the "Damons" still own much of Moanalua even today.  When I saw the sign, I didn't see much of the land, but, once I walked out, it was apparent that the property goes wayyyy back!

I wish that I knew what plant this is, but, if I could name it, I would call it the "Christmas tree" plant.  The flower looked like a bushy, red Christmas tree, even from afar off.  If anyone knows what it is, please let me know.

One more day, and I should be finished with Moanalua, mauka(towards the mountain) of the Freeway.  Today, the route swayed back and forth, and up and down hills.  Where are the muscles?  I should be getting them soon!  HaHa! Anyway, 4.04 miles was the distance for the day. 

No, not another one!  Yes, today is Hibiscus day!  I loved this peach, multi-layered petal Hibiscus also. E kala mai! (Forgive me!)  Until tomorrow, my friends!


  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw that house was- it looks like Legos! (That's what you get when you have 2 boys in the house, I guess!)