Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some fences are made to replicate fences in Japan.  Here are a couple of homes who incorporated this method.  I think that it makes a beautifal fence compared to most!

I know that Papaya is expensive, so, either they don't want to buy them to eat them, or, they sell them for a good profit.  Of course, maybe they think that the Papaya plant is decorative!

As I passed by Moanalua Middle School, murals are the norm for most buildings.  This mural is my favorite.  The saying on the right, bottom area says, "Building Bridges for the Future."  It looks like they started the bridge on the Earth and are building it to connect another world.  I like that philosophy!

Good thing a brought a little money with me!  I passed by a gentleman working with a lathe in his garage.  I asked him what he was doing, and he said, "I'm making pens!"  I'm sure that I looked confused since he was working with plastic.  He then grabbed some finished samples of his plastic bodied pens.  They looked very unique, and I asked if he sold them.  "I usually give them away to family and friends as gifts," he replied.  I told him that I would like to buy one, then he brought out some KOA wood pens in addition.  I gave him all the money I had and I know that he should sell it for much more, but, he knew that was all I had.  He still doesn't want to sell these as a business, because of the labor involved, so, it's just a hobby to him.  I feel very blessed to have this very unique pen, that I can use refillable pen cartridges too!

These two pictures will help to explain something.  Mauka (toward the mountain) of Lalamilo st, there is an un-named road. The second picture shows the entrance to it.  It goes about 1/2 mile in and then dead-ends.  I was going to walk it, but, got the "eeebie-jeebies" about it.  Very deserted, road is not maintained, cars cannot go in there, as I was alone, I thought that my life is more important than a walk.  So, I have made another decision.  If the street or road doesn't have a name, I will not walk it.  Too scary!  My grand total for today is 2.18 miles.  Aloha no! (Love, indeed!)


  1. good job with the walking! sounds really fun honestly.

    1. Besides the health benefits of trying to accomplish this goal, the experiences are enriching my soul, and that, I didn't expect. I need to journal my experiences, because many things are not said in my blog. Some people want their privacy and I don't want to get into any legal hassles, but, I still want to write their story down for my own personal edification. Their stories are so fasinating.