Thursday, May 17, 2012

The walking Hawaiian is walking.  I had a request from a blog follower to video me walking, but, the video didn't last, so, I'm replacing it with a photograph of me walking.

Nimitz Highway in this particular area is interesting since the H-1 is the second level of traffic.  This motorcycle dealership has a second floor visible to the H-1 drivers.  The showroom is on both floors!

If you were wondering, how did she get the video of herself walking?  Well, my daughter kindly accompanied me today on my walk and she video taped me walking.  She's a walking Hawaiian too!

Now, I don't know if this puka (hole) was cut so that the electrical lines were unencumbered, or, the tree was trimmed and the tree decided to grow together!  It looks like a shape of a heart, don't you think?

Talk about just making it.  The support was needed, so, they found a tight space and I do mean tight to fit it in.  By the way, the sign on the support is about wearing seat belts.  Hawaii has the most expensive fee for not wearing seat belts.  I believe it's $92.

The Airport lei(garland) stands are an important asset as Hawaiian tradition give leis for celebrations, greetings, and departures.  Graduation's are coming up and this place will be hopping!  The lei makers graciously posed for a picture as they continue to make more leis.

You have to be walking to find this verdant walkway connecting Aolele to the lei stands.  Pedestrian travel here is pretty scary, especially if people are speeding or inattentive.  My daughter and I were running at the crosswalks to make sure we don't get run over.  Another problem we encountered was the short lights for crossing Nimitz highway.  We would start walking across and then look at the time remaining before the light changes and then we start to run or we won't make it across!  Who was the person that decided to make the lights so short?  A Sasquatch relative?

This may be the last time my daughter ever walks with me since I underestimated the distance again and we ended up walking 5.35 miles today.  She took a well deserved nap after we finished and ate lunch.  At least the walk was on level ground!  Aloha! (Bye bye!)


  1. I'm surprised that you didn't notice any people without homes by Nimitz. Though Hawaii is beautiful it has a dark side too. I'm glad you can share its beauty with everyone, but perhaps a suggestion is to show all of it, not just the palm trees.

    1. Actually, we did see a homeless individual with 2 police officers trying to get him to move. Talking about the homeless situation is an important issue, making my blog more journalistic. I don't think I want to go that route, but, I'm sure it'll come up as I continue my walking.