Thursday, May 3, 2012

I loved the richness of the color on this Bougainvillea bush. It actually was in an arch over the driveway.
Salt Lake Blvd., it goes a long way!  This is only a portion of it.  Parts of it can be very scenic, but, you must watch your speed because the police like to hide out over here and they ALWAYS catch someone.

This Samoan church stands right off Salt Lake Blvd., and I love to see the colorful, traditional garb the women wear.

Margaritas anyone?  How about "Key Lime Pie?"  Limeade?  All I know is that this tree is HUGE, and totally full of limes!

Only Hawaii can make a warning statement cute and serious at the same time.  This is etched near a drainage hole.

What?  Green and yellow chain link fence?  Whatever happened to silver?  The second picture is a spiral staircase with platters of rocks on the steps with two tiki torches finishing the top.  A very interesting combination!

The good news is, 4.01 miles are starting to get easier.  Progress!  Sorry about the two maps, but, it was necessary for today's jaunt.  The weather has been so favorable for walking, I'm feeling very blessed.

Having such a variety of cultures in Hawaii, we get unusual plants that may be a standard item from where they came from.  This is either a pea or a bean plant.  Can you imagine serving purple pea soup or purple refried beans?  Well, I'd eat it, because purple is my favorite color! A Hui Hou!

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