Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ya-hooo! Here is the official "The Walking Hawaiian" logo!  My blog URL is by the bottom foot.  I start wearing it tomorrow.  No more weird looks as I walk in dead-ends.  Of course, I'm sure that this identification will not hinder any BARKING DOGS!  Well, at least I don't have to look over my shoulders for police vehicles following me!. HaHa!
Yesterday, it was the unique, Koa pen, today, I got a pen that has a spring loaded 2 year calendar!  You have to hold it out to check the calendar, then, when you let go, it disapears back into the pen!  I got it at "CeleBRAHtee Shirts, " where I picked up my printed shirts.  I think that they did a great job!  Check them out if you need printed T-shirts!

At the "Salt Lake Shopping Center," where all the conviences are located, like a gas station, grocery store, restuarants, bank, drug store and McDonalds, why do you need to go anywhere else? This was my starting point for today, and I had to resist the urge to shop.

The mailman might have problems if this mailbox drives away!  Maybe the dogs will chase it and leave the mailman alone!  HaHa!

Would you like to drive down this driveway and screech to a halt, and then back up all the way up the driveway to get out?  Not on your life (and mine!)  I don't even think I would like to walk it!

Both of these pictures are from the same yard.  The detail and creativity needs to be seen up close.  Please make sure to double-click these pictures to see a larger rendition and enjoy this to the fullest.

I notice that some yards are all produce or some plant that can supplement an income.  Then other yards get full-on creative with beautiful landscaping.  Land is prime here on an Island.  What would you do?  Make use of every square inch of property, or make your yard a place of beauty and relaxation?

The areas I covered today were mostly set on a ridgeline, and boy, what views!  Just about every home had two levels that quarantied panoramic views.  Their yards were not so great, as they focused their energy on lanais and patios to take advantage of the view.  I covered 4.09 miles, and am finding out that I'm getting stronger with better endurance.

Here is an example of the views that most homes had.  This is actually their garage.  With a view like that, I would rather live there, than park a car there.  Wouldn't you?  Aloha ahiahi! (Good evening!)

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