Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guess where this beautiful mural is located?  The ceiling of the NEX Pearl Harbor!  If I were underwater looking toward the surface, this is exactly how it would look with the sun directly overhead.  The light coming in through the windows accentuate the effect beautifully.

There is nothing more delightful than to eat your lunch or snack out on the second floor of the open lanai of the NEX.  Check out the views, watch the people and feel the tradewinds.

A word of warning, folks!  As you can see in this picture, the parking lot is huge!  So, look around after you park and take down the number of the row you are in.  I'm telling you, it'll come in handy!

Walking more makai(toward the ocean), I could almost smell the ocean, but, not yet as 3.95 miles were completed today.  This closes the week at 16.91 miles and the grand total of 112.41 miles since I started "the walking hawaiian."
Since most of my walk was on Radford Dr., here are a few facts.  It was named after Admiral Arthur W. Radford who started as a warfare officer, became a Navy pilot, then commanded aircraft carriers to Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. Talk about climbing the ladder of success!

An interesting fact comes from his wife!  Mariam Radford's first husband, a Navy pilot, divorced Wallace Warfield (his first wife) who became the "Duchess of Windsor!"  Talk about "small world!"

 As Aliamanu was ARMY military housing, the area I walked is all NAVY facilities.  From the housing to...

A dog park and...

A golf course and driving range and..

A gas station.  Why are they all lined up here?  Well, for one, its convienent and two...

The price!!  What?  You think this price is outragous?  Check the prices of civilian gas stations.  They are usually ten cents or more than this price.  This is when you are NOT lucky to live in Hawaii.  Hey!  Maybe you should walk, and I'll see you on the road!  HaHa!

This tranquil water fountain with waterfall is a feature pleasing to the eye and senses when you enter the "Seven Palms clubhouse," ajacent to the driving range. Aloha until next week!

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