Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Having the lava rock as a background brought out the red in the Red Ginger plant.  Not a fragrant blossom, but, it does last a longggggg time as cuttings in a flower arrangement.

Do you have a yard?  Then hele (come) on to this business!  Not only do they have all you need to decorate your yard, they also hold weekend classes.  This Saturday is "Orchid growing."  Next week is "Container plants."  Plants, pavers, fences, pottery, water features, they have it all.

If you ever go furniture shopping in Hawaii, and think to yourself that the selection is limited, well, here is the answer.  Check out the sign!  Quite a little monopoly, don't you think?

First of all, the sign was unusual.  Maybe to get people's attention?  I'm not sure if you can visualize the distance of how far back this park goes.  It's very skinny and situated in a depression, and hard to find if you're not looking for it.

Yummy!  This gem is kind of hidden, but, you will love their pastries.  Fresh and thick homemade crusts with generous fillings to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Their hours are from 6:00a.m. to 1:00p.m., so get there early! The pretty girl helping me was so shy, she hid when I took the picture.

The temptation was too much!  I had to go shopping after my walk!  By the way, can someone tell me why Japanese tourists take pictures in front of this symbol?  Is it something important to them?

I can't wait till this idea comes to fruition!  Screen panels secured away from the walls of the Target store have climbing vines growing on them.  Imagine it full of greenery and maybe flowers!  Now, that's how you decorate a wall!  Well done, Target!

Don't tell me how lazy I was today!  You're right!  After yesterday's underestimate of how far the walk would be, I figured an EASY day was well earned.  You could call it a "sloth day!"  At only 2.68 miles, I had lots of fun shopping at Target after!  HaHa!  A Hui Hou! (until we meet again!)

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