Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This guy is going to need one great, big flower!  Nah, nah!  It's a Seabee representation and its headquarters are in Makalapa crater.

I thought that I could finish up the tri-crater area, (Salt Lake, Aliamanu and Makalapa) then move on to other areas.  At 3.0 miles, this jaunt was easy compared to the other craters.  Beautiful old Navy homes occupy this area with well established flora.

As I walked through the housing at Makalapa, all kinds of activity was taking place.  You can see by the picture that all electrical lines are above grounds and very old.  Contractors are rectifying the situation by replacing all light poles to "underground" wiring.  I had to watch for trucks and people as it was quite a obstacle course.

A private jogging/biking trail for Makalapa residents.  No worries as it is fenced off from the public.  By the way, there are awesome views too!

A kinda odd structure located across the street from the housing, I was pondering what its purpose is?  Then I saw the proximity of the oil tanks and figured that it could offer protection!  Of course, it could be a leftover vestige of a WWII bunker.  What do you think?

What?  Another secret pool is found?  Yes, Makalapa has a pool too!  I was told that it's 30 meters long as this pool was made before measurements turned to meters.  Most pools are either 25 meters or 50 meters.(Olympic size)  If you're doing laps, add 5 meters at every end!

We should feel safe now, yeah?  My husband wants to name a typhoon after me, I don't know why?  HaHa!  E malama pono!(Take good care!)

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