Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I could use a little pineapple juice right now!  HaHa!  Actually, this area contains the newest, completed homes and I expected little by way of individual embellishments.  I guess that I should never assume!

At least I was expecting the fence this time.  Unfortunate that I had to backtrack, but, there's no other way.  The jaunt for the day totaled 3.24 miles in an area most mauka(toward the mountain) so far.

As I was walking the Rim road, I noticed the expanse of strong fencing on the side of the road facing the homes. The other side of the road is the rocky, high face of the crater wall.  Detective Donna realized that this will protect the homes in the crater from rockfall.  Detective Donna also realized that she is not protected at all, then spent most of my walk looking up at the rock face and listening very hard!  HaHa!

This dog has no bark and no bite!  The housing here has community mailboxes and slots, so, mailbox expression is not an option.  The resident here made their mailbox a guard dog and is placed on the left side of their front door.  A creative way to still use their mailbox!  Only a suggestion, but, maybe they should have put the mailbox facing the other way so the flag is not showing!

A view from Rim Rd. on the mauka (toward the mountain)  side of the Aliamanu Military Housing.

"Yard of the Quarter" truly applied to this home.  Double click the picture to see the intricate details of this patriotic yard.

I threw a coin in there and hope that I get my wish! Until tomorrow, aloha ahiahi!(good evening!)


  1. Love your blog. Keep up the walking and writing. You are inspirational to me. I am going for a jog/but no blog.

    1. I'm glad that you are doing something healthy for your body which will affect your spiritual and emotional well being in addition. You can't separate these aspects. Thank you for your feedback, as it inspires me and motivates me to continue. I hope that I bring a smile to your face everytime you read my blog! Aloha, Donna

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