Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Lei Rainbow" is what this type of plumeria is called.  I love the dappled sun and the shadow play in this picture.

How's that for a view when parking your car!  The front of the homes are on the other side, this is an alley where everyone parks their car.  Looks like you would drive right off a cliff, no?

"Hang Loose," would be quite appropriate for the tenuous grip these two trees share.  Let's all give them the "Shaka" sign!  HaHa!

I never knew that Halawa Valley was so deep.  The end of the road is the Halawa prison, and, that's a place I don't ever want to end up in!

No, it's not two pieces of PURPLE POOP!  They are pods that dropped from a ear pod tree.  I think that they look like elephant ears.  Most pods look like large string beans, so, I was intrigued by these.

These beautiful homes located on the north outer rim of Aliamanu Military Reservation, are totally surrounded by construction.  I hope that they're not home all day, and come home when the construction workers are done for the day.  The noise and traffic from all the heavy machinery could be stressful!

My plan for today was a lot longer than the 2.63 miles accomplished.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a day of exploration.  I'm sure that you see quite a few XXXX's all over the map.  Mostly, it is construction, so, I had to delete large parts of my intended walk because of it.  Tomorrow should be more successful.  Don't forget the contest!  Aloha! (Bye, bye!)

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  1. I never even heard of an ear pod tree until today. And those two trees are something else! Wow, nature is amazing in its creativity and design.